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LOCATION: Depository FIELD DATES: August 2018 PROCESSING: July 2019 RESULT: Series of digital images predate (v.) 1. to kill and eat another animal, from Latin praedator “plunderer,” from praedari “to rob” (1862) 2. to have existed or happened before another thing, to antedate, to assign […]


LOCATION: Transplanted habitat FIELD DATES: July-August 2018 PROCESSING: Ongoing RESULT: Installation and booklet In 2018 we have visited Japan for the first time. Before our departure we coincidentally heard about bright green parakeets in Maebashi, who have been pets once and are now living freely […]


LOCATION: Display Cases FIELD DATES: April 2017 PROCESSING: November 2017 RESULT:  Fine Art Prints (Inkjet)                  LED Light Boxes with Prints on Film                  Stage Set from Backdrop Frames     […]


LOCATION: Site of worship FIELD DATES: 22 March 2017 PROCESSING: October 2017 RESULT:  single channel loop, HD Video, no sound, 30:21 min. The recording from the closed Ethnological Museum in Berlin-Dahlem shows the clearing of the last objects from the Central America Hall. The concept of […]


LOCATION: State of civilization FIELD DATES: February 2013 PROCESSING: June 2013 RESULT: dual channel loop, HD Video, stereo sound, 28:05 min Urges and the operational framework Intimacy and personality Conditioning and cultivation Visual and sound recordings from a zoo (Hardenbergplatz, Berlin) installed within the toilet area of […]


LOCATION: Conservation Spaces FIELD DATES: June 2018 PROCESSING: October 2018 RESULT: single channel loop, HD Video, no sound, 32:00 min “MARSHALL BOOT” SEGEL Abtransport eines Großobjektes – der neue Eingang in der alten Ausstellungshalle gebiert seinesgleichen. Evacuation of a large object – the new gate […]


LOCATION: Transplanted South Sea  FIELD DATES: April 2017 – ongoing PROCESSING: August 2017 RESULT:  Photographic Prints on Alu-Dibond Umzugsvorbereitungen der Abteilung Südsee im Ethnologischen Museum Berlin-Dahlem . Hängung an der Rückwand der ehemaligen Museumsbuchhandlung Pictures from the preparations for moving the department South-Sea at Ethnological […]


LOCATION: Ethnological Museum Berlin FIELD DATES: January 2016 – ongoing PROCESSING: November 2017 RESULT:  8-color print on polyester fabric Objekte sind die zentralen Akteure im Museum. Sie sind Botschafter und Beweismittel, Zeitkapseln und Reisende. Vollkommen verpackt erhalten sie eine neue skulpturale Qualität. Fast so, als […]


LOCATION: At the rear FIELD DATES: Jan 2013 PROCESSING: Feb 2014 RESULT: Series of prints from color negatives            


LOCATION: Transit and traffic FIELD DATES: September 2014 PROCESSING: June 2015 RESULT: Short film, HD video, stereo sound, 4:44 min One dog’s treasure is another man’s trash – a window on the journey of a piece of bread.


LOCATION: Mesmerizing event FIELD DATES: Jan 2016 PROCESSING: Feb 2016 RESULT: Single channel installation, HD video, stereo sound for headphones, 14:56 As the course of our popular cultural activities steered towards the possibilities of the modern media-complex, the cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary figure Andy Warhol found […]


LOCATION: Groupings with clear direction in focused attention FIELD DATES: Feb 2012 – ongoing PROCESSING: ongoing RESULT: Multi-channel loops, HD Video, no sound, 45:00 Ein Anziehungspunkt für Interesse versammelt Aufmerksamkeit. Es wachsen Gruppenkonstellationen im Raum mit äußerlicher und innerlicher Dynamik. Wir betrachten solche Formen und […]


LOCATION: Particulars of habitat FIELD DATES: September 2014 PROCESSING: December 2014 RESULT:  single channel loop, HD Video, stereo sound, 39:41 A sea-urchin is marching along the edge. Urchin in dialogue with Wassily Kandinsky in “UND HIER: Dingens!” (2015) at Adamski Gallery for Contemporary Art, Berlin […]


LOCATION: Global Icon FIELD DATES: September 2010 PROCESSING: October 2010 RESULT:  single channel loop, HD from DV, stereo sound, 6:30 min.                  Data object for Plug&Play Ausstellungsansicht in There Will Be Light (2012), Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund Bild: Bernd […]