LOCATION: A remaining piece of forest
FIELD DATES: 16 September 2018
PROCESSING: October 2018
RESULT:  Series of digital images

While realizing the issues of human-related CO2-production, the technique of tearing coal from the ground is still in use on a big scale. In the Rhineland, Europe’s largest open coal mine is wandering towards the Hambacher Woods. The forest is a habitat which has so far not been intensively managed, it still can tell a story of woodlands which have otherwise disappeared. For many years activists have settled in the trees of the formerly common woodland, living inside the forest to prevent deforestation and trying to raise consciousness of the situation: a rim is constantly moving closer, most of the forest has been lost while the fossile-age is coming to an end. In the late summer of 2018 forceful eviction of the activists from the trees was met by growing support of peaceful prostesters from many ages and walks of life. The format of “Waldspaziergang” (forest walk) became a platform to think and talk while walking the forest. As state forces took away that possibility by closing off the wood during the activists’ eviction, a call went out to bring new trees to the Waldspaziergang as replacements of lost ones. A challenging task, biologically and socially, which produced a powerful social sculpture.